Find Your Tribe

Recent events make it more important than ever to find the best aspects of human nature. I’ve talked before about how important it is to Build A Village. I think people (parents particularly) think it’s a weakness to ask for help or show an inability to cope but there is so much unnecessary suffering that comes from a lack of support and there is so much magic that comes from finding your tribe!

Last week my week consisted of child-swaps with close friends, shared dinners, play-dates, empathy group and helping each other out in different ways all whilst discussing parenting, the environment, marriage, spirituality, anything that floated our boat in beautiful soul-enriching ways.
For the first time in my life, I feel truly supported by my outside circle as well as by my close family and partner. I know where to go for certain needs and I find helping others within my circle to be a selfless task which I truly enjoy.

Most importantly, for me, is the modeling my children are being exposed to. They are seeing parents who chip in together to create a beautiful village. They see adults building each other up and answering calls of need and they see and hear how positive human interactions can help fill each other’s cups.
There’s a lot of bad things about the internet but one of the greatest things is that these days it’s easy to find even the most niche of groups and whilst I am a huge advocate for diversity, there is certainly something to being able to easily narrow in on people likely to share your ethos. I admin an Attachment Parenting page in my local area which has meet-ups and most of my tribe comes from there as we share common parenting beliefs and goals and that type of empathic parenting does also tend to lead to similar world views.

You can’t really know how transformative these kind of connections are until you start to have this village feel and feel the support in times of need. So take it from someone who has seen both sides and go ahead and find your tribe!find-your-tribe-unbranded