Let Me Know This Is Normal…

It’s been really busy for us lately. We just finished school holidays which were such a whirlwind and just flew by. It was mostly wonderful because we didn’t really get a chance to stop and let the wheels fall off. So I am very aware I need to brace myself for what may come home this afternoon.

My intentions going in to school holidays are almost always to do Special Time every day but sadly, I think it happened once! Yep! Even those of us who talk the talk sometimes struggle to walk the walk. We had some great times these last two weeks but I know I’m soon going to see that it’s time to prioritise that one-on-one delighted connection-time to recalibrate my kids.

Our modern lives are very busy. It can be really hard to get things done and it often feels like you’re running on empty but we’ve all heard the phrase “You can’t pour from an empty cup!” and it’s so true. You need to look after YOU so that you can look after everyone else. 

Parenting is hard work and it takes a lot out of you. There’s no other job where the workload and work hours are completely unpredictable and the clientele are constantly subject to change. It’s ok to acknowledge that it can be a lot, you don’t have to be perfect, you can and should seek support, help, advice.

That can often be the hardest thing for people, they feel like everyone is doing this better than them and don’t want to admit that it just doesn’t feel as easy as it looks for other people.

I know I often get stuck in that cycle. I always wanted to be good at this and sometimes I find myself falling so short of the mark I want to hide away from the world but in those times, I need to empathise and treat myself with the same compassion I would show my children. I need connection, not isolation, when I feel off-track. Humans are wired for connection. Even when we are screaming “Leave me alone” what we really mean is “Tell me I’m safe!”, “Let me know this is normal…”

There is no shame in reaching out and there is always someone more than willing to be there for you. Myself included.

If you need a Listening ear,
Just Ask xx