My Bad Moms 1 Review

When I first saw the trailers for Bad Moms I knew it would be some silly entertainment. When the idea of getting the school Mums together for Ladies Night Premiere came up, I knew we would have some fun and laughs but I did brace myself for it being at the expense of Mums like me, the Mum I strive to be and those closest to me.

I figured us weird Attachment Parents and Peaceful Parents would be the butt of most of the jokes and that the best bits had probably been blown on the trailer.

I wasn’t prepared to laugh and cry all the way through.

In my opinion, it captured Motherhood in a truly inclusive way whilst providing humour that was not great for those of us with still-weak pelvic floor muscles.

Bad Mom Amy Mitchell is juggling about a million things whilst also determined to raise well-adjusted children and she finally gets to that point of realising that you can’t actually be a “perfect” Mum in this day and age so why not just throw in the towel and be a bad Mum… whatever that means…

Along the way she makes friends with tell-it-like-it-is single Mum, Carla and Stay-at-home-Mum of four, Kiki and they band together to challenge the norms suburbian Motherhood has set for them and fight the dictatorship of PTA-Mum Gwendolyn James and her mindless followers.

Last night I had my soul sisters over to watch the first movie (which I have seen several times now) and the bit that still brings tears to my eyes is when one of the characters sums up the main goal, the big dream, the highest height we hope to reach in parenthood… to raise children that are actually good people and as Jesse says “…what’s really hard is to raise children who are actually decent and kind…” and that line always hits me right in the feels.

That’s what we all want to see in our kids, right?

Success can be measured in a million different ways and we encourage our children to seek whatever that looks like for them but at the end of the day, everything we try to do is geared at these little people we created making this world a somewhat better place with their actions and their deeds and their own values and morals.

There’s so many “Oh yeah..” and “Mmm hmm” moments throughout the film and some really enjoyable “It’s not just me!” validations. The reality of parenting being bizarre, hectic and unpredictable work is delivered in a unifying balance of hilarious and touching as Amy sums up “I know we make fun of them but **** I love them so much!”

It’s a delightful mix of humour, reality, life lessons with that feel-good formula but with it’s own elements that take it outside of the basic, generic Hollywood gag genre.

I think it’s fun for anyone who has ever cared for a child but it is a nice experience to have with other “Bad Moms” (which we all feel like from time to time) and the emotional heartstrings are pulled one last time watching the stars interact with their own mothers during the end credits.

I have seen it many times and I imagine I will see it many more!

5/5 from me!