My Own Sliding Doors

Finding it hard to get to the computer in the holiday madness so this is a little deviation from the norm but also a little personal insight into me, Chantal aka Aunty Ask!

Somewhere in an alternate universe is a girl. There’s a girl who got on a plane.

She fell in love with my husband but fought all her instincts, stuck to her guns and got on a plane.

She wasn’t alone. She had one of her best friends in tow and they had an amazing time. They backpacked through Europe and it was literally life changing. She became a different person. She got bitten by the “travel bug” to which she had once thought she was immune. When the whirlwind year was over she was back just long enough to save a bit more money and she was off again.

Meanwhile, I was falling more in love and buying a house.

She was a wild one. She couch-surfed through South America, she barely slept through the Greek Isles. She caught Mono on a Contiki tour!

Meanwhile, I was getting married and trying for a baby.

She got a job nanny-ing in Dublin. She met Marian Keyes, her favourite author, at an art-house theatre. She was wooed by cheeky Irish lads and acquired a taste for Guinness.

Meanwhile, I fell in love once more with my first beautiful baby.

She met a travelling musician who led her to London where she sang “London Still” by The Waifs with a tear each night. She slept in a warehouse with a revolving door, never less than 10 people under the roof. Some were her friends from Australia. The weather got to her and she took a job in Spain.

Meanwhile, I had two beautiful children. I was tired, though… from lack of sleep. I could never stay on top of the cleaning, the cooking, the rivalry, and the activities. There were highs and lows but at the heart of it I was falling more in love with three people every single day.

Meanwhile, she was always looking for him. The man she had left behind. The man who everyone instantly liked because he radiated kindness and warmth. The man who treated her like a Goddess. She looked for him in every country but he wasn’t a gypsy like she was and like the men she would meet instead. She thought of me and my life and what it would be like and she wanted to be me instead of her.

I think of her too, with a “Sliding Doors” curiosity.

I still can’t believe I ever committed to backpacking that certainly would have been a defining moment for me. I often wonder where I would be now had I have gotten on that plane like I had fully intended to but I am glad I didn’t.

I don’t long to be that girl the same way I know I would long to be the one I am now. That girl is travelling the world searching for her dreams whilst I’m sitting here marvelling about how all my dreams came true.

                                                         (Image: Me and my real-life Dream Guy)